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Cowin & Hrobowski Family Tree
Along The Way

As I travel along the way I will jot down things that I find.
Sept- 2002
This year I was able to visit my home state of Alabama, while there I visited relatives on the Hrobowski side that I had only met once. I was able to obtain a family picture of my grandmother when she was just 5 years old. In the picture were also my Great-Great-Grandparents along with some of their children. What a great find. You can see that picture on the front page.
I was also able to visit my grandmother's gravesite in B'ham, Ala. She died in 1994. A picture of her gravestone is below.


I was also able to visit the gravesite where my father and great-great-grandparents are buried but I could not find their gravestone. I was so disappointed. I had travel over an hour to find the gravesite but couldn't find it. They are buried in Collirene, Ala. on County Rd 19. I was so close. I don't know if I will ever get that close again.