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Finally we put in our new pond and we have step by step directions and pictures but first of all I will give you a list of the materials that we used. Now remember this is just what we used you can use whatever you want and what is available in your area.

Our pond size is 51/2 ft long by 4 ft. wide and 18in deep and 250 gal.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Step 1:
Well the day finally came for us to put in our new pond. The first step was to take out the old pond. It seem so small but it serve the purpose at the time. The first step for you could be finding the spot for your pond. Make sure it is in a sunny location and away from trees.


Step 2
The next thing we did was measured the spot for the pond and laid out a design for the pond. We used our garden hose for this. We put little stakes around the hose to keep it in place. Once we decided that this was the size we wanted the digging began.


Step 3
After the hole was dug and level we put in some sand as an under liner. We put in 2 big bags of play sand. You could use other things too. I have heard some people put in old carpet, newspaper, or you can buy under liner just for this purpose. The purpose for the sand is to protect your liner from sharp objects such as rocks or roots.
Note: Make sure your pond is level.


Step 4
Next came the liner. This was the easy part but you will need some helping hands. After the liner was in place we tucked under the edges and tried to smooth out the wrinkles.


Step 5
Adding the water came next. This was the fun part. The pond was finally taking shape. As you are adding the water you can smooth out the liner more.


Step 5
This is a side view of the pond as the water was added.


Step 6
After the water was put into the pond we add flagstone all around the pond to hide the liner. You can use any kind of stone you like. We put in 2 water lilies and some surmerable plants. As you can see I put these plants in the bottom of the pond and put big rocks on them to hold them in place. You also can plant them in pots if you want.

Top View

This is a top view of the pond.


Step 7
This is a picture of my new fish and water lily. I waited for 2 weeks before I added the new fish. I also add Stress Coat to the water which helps the fish to adjust to their new home.

Another View

Just another view of the pond. The fish seems to like their new home and Finney seem to like his new family. Finney survive from the small pond so he really likes all the room he has now.

Another View

Another picture of the fish and their new home. I bought 7 new fish for the pond so all together there is 8 fish. 4 goldfish and 4 shubunkin. I will also add a pump and fountain to the pond.

I hope you enjoyed your visit. We had alot of fun with our pond project. Hope we helped you with your plans for your new pond. Please stop back again because we will be adding new pictures as the summer progress. THANKS


1. POND LINER 10X10 45Mil Marc's $19.87

2. PONDMASTER Pump, Filter,
Fountain Lilypons $79.00

3. FLAGSTONE- 559 lbs. Van Ness $78.26

4. SAND- 2 bags K-Mart $5.00