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What's New?
How My Journey Began
What's New?
Pond Project
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My Flower Garden
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Hello if this is your first visit I hope you
enjoy it. This site will be a ever going project
so please bookmark it so you can come back
and see the changes. If you have been here
before you will notice some changes. I
change the whole layout of the site and
I hope you will be able to get around it better.
This page will be the first place to come to
if you want to see if there are any updates
on my site.
If you have any comment or suggestions
please e-mail me. I welcome any comments.
Enjoy your visit.



1. 4-07-2000 - Pond Pictures
2. 4-24-2000 - New Pond Link
3. 5-08-2000 - Pond Projects
4. 5-27-2000 - Pond Pictures
5. 5-28-2000 - Pond Projects
6. 7-26-2000 - Pictures 16-21
7. 9-30-2000 - Pictures 22-25
8. 8-28-2001 - The Whole Site Redone
9. 11-1-2002 - Pond Pictures
10.11-1-2002- My Flower Garden Page
11. 1-7-2005-Pond Pictures & Flower Garden Page