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4th Year Of Ponding

Looking Back.....

This year alot happened with my pond. First of all the weather didn't cooperate. It was in the 90s most of the summer. This is not your tipical Ohio weather.  Next my pump gave out on me and I had to buy another one. Then my Bio Filter wasn't working right and I had to get new parts for it but at least the filter still had a warranty on it so the parts were free. My water stayed green the whole summer. 
On the good side, all of my fish survived the winter cold and the summer heat. My 'babies' have gotten bigger. I know soon I will have to let some of them go and I have already talked to our local pet store and they told me that they will take them for me but I'm not ready to let any of them go yet. My red waterlily really took off this year. I have notice that most of my lilies do very well the second year that I have them. I bought a new white waterlily called "Perry Double White". I only got one bloom this year but I know it will do better next year. I also got a "Purple Pickerel Rush" and it bloomed most of the summer and fall. It did very well.
I added some new retaining stones around the pond and it looks wonderful. You can see the new change in the picture below. Also I added a Strawberry Jar Trickle Tower Filter. It looked very pretty in my pond but I took it down because I didn't see any change in the water and it was very hard to clean. I'm not saying that it wouldn't work I'm just saying it didn't work for me and who knows I might try it again, now that I have 2 pumps instead of just one.
I have so many ideas and no where to try them out unless....Well I do have the whole winter to think about where I could put this or that.
Well even though I had a hard time this summer with my pond MY JOURNEY WILL CONTINUE....


All My Fish


Here They Go Again


A New Look


My Babies..


Red WaterLily


Strawberry TT


 Blue Boy


2nd Year WaterLily


Another Look