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Pond Pics-2000
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Looking Back...

2000 -The year 2000 can you believe it! Well this winter went by fast. We had a mild winter. I bought an Ice Guard for the pond to keep a hole in it and it worked. Again through the winter I did alot of reading and research on ponds. We will be putting in a new pond this spring. I will have all the details in the Pond Project Section. This time since the pond is bigger I will have a pump and filter. In April we began our project and it was alot of fun alease from my stand point. All I did was look on as my husband and son did all the digging. My job though was getting all the materials and having everything ready when digging day began. I found a good deal on the liner. Check out the price list, you won't believe what I paid for it. For the stones, I had to make several trips to get them. Now that was hard work. The stones cost just as much as the pump and filter. But it was worth it. Once the pond was put in I had to get new fish. But this time I waited until the water was season about 3 weeks. I also condition it with some pond conditioner. Finney survive the winter and the move. He had gotten bigger over the winter. I got 6 new fish. Finney seem to like his new friends especially since he was all alone over the winter. Things seem to be going fine until I notice that one of the fish had a white fuzz on him. I call the pond store and told them how the fish look and right away they knew what it was. It was "Itch" something fish get in the spring. I treated the water and remove the fish so he would not infect the rest of the fish. In a couple of days the fish died and then another one and then finally Finney got it and he died. I never though that you could get attach to a fish but I had gotten attach to Finney. I guess because he was my first fish that had survive a year. Even though this was a sad day I was not going to give up my journey. I waited to see what would happen to the other fish. Well none of the others got it . I waited some more before I went and bough some more fish and of course I found one who look like Finney. I name him Little Fin. All together I have 6 fish, 2 Shubunkins and 4 gold fish. Through the summer the pond did quiet well. Had little algae since I had the pump and filter. My water lily that didn't bloom last year went wild. Check it out on the pond picture page. I guess it needed a second year to do it's thing. I put in a Butterfly Bush near the pond and some more flowers. I'm really happy with my pond. So I know I will CONTINUE MY JOURNEY WHEREVER IT LEADS ME.


New pond and new plants.


My first lily pads


Creeping Thyme planted here


Butterfly Bush

Another view of the pond.

Another view of the pond.


Pink Beauty


Water Lily


Can you spot the Butterfly?

The New Pond

The New Pond


THe Almost Finish View


The other end of the pond.


The fish taking a bite