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How My Journey Began
How My Journey Began
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How I Got Started

Hello my name is Fran, the work that I do takes me to people homes, so I get a chance to see alot of gardens. Well one day as I was walking up this walkway I notice this little pond surrounded by flowers and a pink dogwood tree and a butterfly bush .The water was crystal clear, so clear that I could see the goldfish swimming around at the bottom of the pond, AND SO MY JOURNEY BEGAN.

Looking Back...

FIRST YEAR- 1998- I started out very small. I used a half barrel liner and put it in the ground in my main flower bed because this is on the east side of my house and it gets alot of sun. I put stepping stones around the liner, put in a couple of rocks in the bottom and added some feeder fish and I was ready to go. I started this pond in July, one of the hottest months, so it wasn't long before my fish began to die one by one, so the first lesson is this: When you see something that you like to try in your garden it's best to do research first and you will have more success, back to the pond. When my fish died I thought that maybe they died because they were feeder fish. So I went and bought some bigger fish to put in the pond. By now it was Aug. and if you live in Ohio you know how hot it can get, so again my fish began to die. But this time I didn't put any more fish in the pond. I decided that I did want a pond with plants and fish and that I would wait and do some research on pond keeping during the winter months and be ready for next spring AND SO THE JOURNEY CONTINUES.